Soak-Off Gel Lacquer Full-set

A step above acrylic nail system. Choice of Gel over your natural nails or nail tips. Gel nails are cured under UV light. This service is odor free, non yellow, lightweight, & is as durable as acrylic * more practical. Choice of polish or add on French which gives your hands a beautiful look of pink & white.

Price Range

Shellac Manicure $30
Shellac Gelish Pedicure $45
Shellac Gelish Take Off $10
Pedicure Deluxe Shellac Gel $65
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Powder Gel Nail Full-set

The best acrylic product is applied to your natural nail or tips. Sola nails are extremely high bond quality with long lasting toughness. The nails are sculpted using clear or pink powder. Choose from your choice of colors or add on French tip.

Price Range

New Set / Full Set Nails with Regular Polish $35
Refill Regular Polish $25
Acrylic Take Off $15
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Pink & White Gel Full-set

he nail tips are sculpted using white powder gel. The base of the nail is then overlaid with pink liquid gel. This process gives the nail a high bond quality & bighter French enhanement that will not chip.

Price Range

Full Set / New Set Nails with Shellac Gelish $45
Refill Shellac Gelish $35
Dip Shellac Gelish $45
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Acrylic Nails Full-set

The best acrylic system is used over your natural nail or sculpted tips. Acrylic nails are the strongest that we offer here at Ellinwood Nail Spa. Clients may choose from natural colored acrylic, nail color, or an add-on French.

Price Range

Pink & White Full-set $50
Pink & White Back Fill $35
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