Whether your visit to the nail shop is just an item on your errand list, a time for yourself to relax, get your nail done for an event or get ready for a vacation (finally). We can accommodate all of your needs. Ellinwood is proud to offer you a friendly, fun and high energy environment with knowledgable nail technicians to provide you with the best pampering experience. We have high end spa chairs to give you that best intent back and bottom massage. Variety of polish colors, both Shellac Gellish, Powder Acrylics, Pink-White Fill from brands name of OPI, IBD, Orly, Morgan Taylor, ZoZa, DND, Cuccio, and more.

Classic Manicure and Pedicure

Basic manicure and pedicure service starts off with soaking clients hand/feet in choices of cold-warm-hot water. Technician throughly clean any dirt and old polish, trim down nail and shape. Additional work of exfoliation, callus reduction (feet only), sea salt scrub, top it off with massage by apply warm/cold lotion with/out oil. Finish with warm tower wrap around the legs, and apply foundation, polish, and top coat.

Luxury Manicure & Pedicurs

Sometime, you just want to treat yourself to a nice and wonderful spa experience. Ellinwood Nail Spa has the deluxe/luxury spa manicure and pedicure treatment that enable you to feel relax and rewarding after weeks long of hard work. With the deluxe manicure and/or pedicure, you enhanced your spa treatment to a deeper clean, more massage times, that fresh, mint, and tingling feeling when clay mask applies to your legs and feet. You'll feel that you have newer feet with callus remove and parafin wax treatment.

Nail Enhancement

Get your nail trim, file, and put on polish is one thing, but how to keep it from ruined or the polish tip off after few days from doing alot of activities with your hands or feet? Nail enhancement treatment allows you to have set of nails that limited the possibility of broken nail & polish tipped off. We'll help you understand the benefits of getting shellac on your nail, put on acrylic for new set, and why you should do pink/white nail set.


Waxing service is also available at Ellinwood Nail Spa. Do you prefer to remove the unnessary body parts hair in 2 painful seconds and shape it the way that you like? Our technicians are licensed and years of experience to give you a quick and painless wax service.

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